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All Electrical works from establishment to regular maintenance are available to order through syaanh.com, now you can fix all electric issues in your house, lighting, lamps, generators, wires and more that you can find via syaanh.com
electricity services صيانة الكهرباء - خدمة صيانة الكهرباء
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Prices in Syaanh.com App are based on the service providers directly. Syaanh.com App is based on the principle of connecting clients to the service providers, depending on the service and the location.
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Syaanh.com, a specialist application and most exclusive in the provision of maintenance services for thousands of customers and hundreds of companies in Qatar.


electrical tester calibration services- electric socket - plug socket - switch socket - electrical panel repair - electrical panel board - electrical panel door replacement - extractor fan problems solutions- water heaters repair service in qatar - water pump repair service

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Services we provide

Electricity wires extension

Switches and sockets services

Maintenance of electrical panels

Water pumps repair services

Water heaters repair services

Fans and extractors repair

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