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Manufactured By Sanford
Power (W) 20
QTY Included 1
Manufacturing Country China
Sold By Doha Star Trading
Color Silver

Sanford Insect Killer SF-613IK

By Doha Star Trading Co. W.L.L
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Feel the comfort at your home without bugs, mosquitos, and other terrible insects through Sanford great insect killers!

A classic insect killer/bug zapper.

* 20 Watts, ABS and aluminum housing, rust-proof.

* Exclusive UVA tubes made by FSL with spectral peak.

* 30% more attraction to insects.

* No harm to human beings.

* Full size high tension grid-effectively kills insects.

* Firm and durable metal guard-maximum protection.

* Removable collection tray.

* Collects dead insects for easy cleaning.

* Wall mounted ceiling - suspended and free standing.

With many decades of experiences in bringing you the best of comfort and convenience, you can trust Sanford to make you just the right item for the job!

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