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SKU EG-700
Manufactured By OTO
Weight 392 Gram
Power (W) 10
QTY Included 1
Sold By Planet Tec
Installation Not Required
Manufacturing Country Singapore
Color Gold

OTO Handheld Massager Energia 29*11.5*6cm

By Planet Tec
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Keep your body shiny and nourished with OTO Handheld Massager Energia!

* Powerful vibration, deep penetration massage.

* Addittional contoured massage head wrap.

* Quick inter-changeable heat and cold plate for muscle and skin therapy.

* 3 levels of heat and cold temperature.

* 3 levels of vibration power.

* Magnetic USB charge.

* Wireless and recgargeable.

* After a full charge you will get either 2 hours of vibration massage, 2 hours of cold therapy, or 6 hours of heat therapy.

With OTO health and wellness products, balance your life!

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- Ready to ship within 1-2 days
- 3 Days Return Policy
- 1 Year Warranty



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