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Manufactured By Marrath
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Color White
Manufacturing Country China
Name Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Plug 16A

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By Marrath Smart Home
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Plug anything and control from anywhere in the world!

* Control from Anywhere
- Your Smart Plug can be controlled through your existing Wi-Fi network via MARRATH HOME APP.
- Download the app to your smartphone or tablet and have access to turn your home devices on/off, set schedules and appear at home when you're away.
- The MARRATH HOME APP allows you to add as many Smart Plugs and other smart devices as you’d like to keep track of multiple appliances, whenever, wherever.
*Compatible with Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 9 and higher.

* Measure Power Consumption
- Know how much power your power-hungry appliances consume.
e.g. check daily, the weekly and monthly power consumption of Air Conditioner or electric Oven, etc.

* Appear at Home While You’re Away
- Have the Smart Plug work for you when you’re out of town.
- Connecting a lamp to your smart plug can provide home security benefits. Set it to Away Mode, and the Smart Plug will automatically turn the light on and off to give the appearance that someone is home.

* Never Leave Things Running
- The Smart Plug gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never leave devices running again.
- With the countdown timer feature, simply set a timer for the Smart Plug to turn off its appliance automatically.
- Set it and forget it. It’s that simple, giving you one less thing to worry about in your busy life.

* Keep Your Kids on Schedule
- With the scheduling benefits of a Smart Plug, you have better control over your child’s daily activities.
- Make sure the television is turned off when they should be doing homework, or use a countdown feature to have any lamps shut off right before bedtime.

* Control with Your Voice
- The Smart Plug works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your devices through Voice Control.
- Assign a name to each Smart Plug and communicate with each plug by name when making a voice command.
- You can also create a group for all your smart devices and control them all with one command.

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10 Item in stock



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