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SKU FSL T812 9W 3000K
Manufactured By FSL China
Voltage (V) AC180-265
Manufacturing Country China
Power (W) 9
Assembly required No
Temperature (K) 3000
Color White

LED Tube T8 AC180-265V 9W 3000K 0.6M - 6 Pieces

By Al Siraj Electricals
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A modern tube fluorescent light fixture with T8 integrated LED tube.

Quiet & comfortable
No noise, suitable for home, library, office, and exhibition lighting.

Super bright
The lampshade is made of high-transmittance material and stretch forming feature which retains the maximun luminous flux.

Stability & energy saving
Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, this lamp has high-work effeciency and saving power consumption.

Extend the lamp life
High-quality LED chip is tightly connected with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum substrate and profiles, can fast heat, reduce attenuation, prolong the service life of lamp.

Easy to install
Follow the installation instructions in the instructions guide to install successfully.

The product includes 6 pieces.

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