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SKU 106-WIM-6294015605860
Model KNLS5103
Manufactured By Krypton
Capacity 50 kg
Color Red
Sold By Western International Marketing

Krypton LCD Display Luggage Scale 50 KG Capacity - Red

By Western International Marketing
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• Airlines have tightened their baggage restrictions for both cabin and checked luggage

• If you don t measure your bags before traveling you risk having to pay extra baggage fees

• Avoid this happening by using the Krypton scale

• Luggage Scale is designed to save you stress and money when traveling by airline

• Scales do not make mistakes as they are digital

• These scales can weigh everything weighing up to 50 kg

• The LCD display will accurately show you the weight of the item

• The display on the top gives a quick and clear reading of the measurement.

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